Creating Freedom through Real Estate.

Salt Pacific Investments (SPI) is a family owned real estate investment company that partners with investors to provide clean, safe, and affordable housing. These investments provide a larger than usual cash on cash return and provide freedom for our investors. We specialize in locating emerging markets that provide great investment opportunities; effectively acquiring and reselling these properties to deserving buyers on private financing terms.

Passive Income: all of our investors are paid a simple interest payment along with the return of capital within 90 – 365 days (deal dependent and decided by you the investor)

Safer: single family real estate is the premier asset for creating legacy wealth with less volatility and more return potential than the S&P 500.

Appreciation: Real estate appreciates in value over time.

Leverage: You can leverage real estate, this allows you to buy a $50k property with as little as $5k.

Freedom: deserving buyers with higher than normal down payments acquire ownership of our properties leaving no tenants, trash, or toilets to manage.  Some have dubbed this phenomenon as “mailbox money.”