The primary goal of SPI is to preserve the initial investments of its investors while providing larger than normal cash on cash returns. We do this through investing in smaller micro statistical areas, B & C level single family homes that are in emerging markets. We buy with an exit strategy already in place.  Historically, single family homes have been one of the strongest and most reliable investments due to their ability to remain strong during economic uncertainty. When real estate markets crash, these bread and butter homes often out-perform because the monthly payment is less than market rents.
The trend speaks for itself. As millennials move into starting and expanding families, many are choosing to move out of renting and into home ownership. Due to the lack of supply of affordable housing both in rentals and homes for sale in larger markets, the future holds an affordable housing shortage which makes these properties more attractive, more valuable, and a more powerful investment vehicle.

• The right investor:
Let’s clear up the definition of investor – a private lender. We want to give the everyday investor a chance to earn a larger than usual return typically reserved for the big guys.
Investors that want to be part of an experienced real estate investment team.
Investors that want to create financial freedom through real estate.
Investors that understand the power of passive income.

• The right property
Single family properties from $5k-50k (mortgage options are virtually nonexistent in this space)
Manufactured homes on both private land and in parks
Single family homes that are move in ready
Single family properties that are in emerging markets (great job and population growth) throughout the Southeast and Midwest.
Single family properties that are in C- to B+ neighborhoods